# Creatively French
# Rigorously German
# Chasing the lights
# Searching unique perspectives
# Explore & discover
# Urban as a Playground
# Wide open spaces
# Northern lights & Night skies
# Sony® Belgium Ambassador

I’m a passionate hobbyist photographer from Brussels, Ambassador for Sony® in Belgium.

I got into photography by chance. While travelling the Trans Siberian train in 2012 with my family, I realized my mom would almost not take any pictures with her newly bought camera. I decided to take it, experimented a bit, and started documenting our journey. And it was all said and done, day after day, photography became more than just a hobby.

After a first solo trip to Iceland in 2014, I lived and felt something I had never experienced before… A freedom to explore, capture and create with my own eyes. The north, its spectacular landscapes, mountains and the unique arctic lights would always keep me coming back.

Photography became a true passion I would dedicate almost all my spare time, weekends, holidays, evenings, nights… Always with the same aspiration: explore. The city I live in. The cities I visit. And most importantly to me, the landscapes I chase when I travel. And all that with the same spirit: I don’t take a picture, I live it.

My goal is to create visual stories that express the intangible, the emotions I experienced on field in order to let the viewer deeply connect with the subject.